Independent Inquiries vs. Science Table

On The Ontario Kindergarten Teachers Facebook page someone asked for some ideas as to what they could put on a Science table. This was the answer I gave: Our EY team co-constructs several inquiry tables with children on different topics based on student interest (i.e. weather, plants, worms in worm hotels, etc.). These inquiry tables are student-led… Read More Independent Inquiries vs. Science Table

Fun Friday: Bat Bonanza with Learning Buddies

This past Friday in honour of Hallowe’en, but more importantly student interest, we held a Bat Bonanza with our Learning Buddies. We have one kinder who is especial interested in Batman. ‘Interested’ is not a strong enough word. This kinder’s enthusiasm for Batman has stirred engagement and learning for many young kinders in Kinderland. Inspired… Read More Fun Friday: Bat Bonanza with Learning Buddies

Fun Friday: "Leaf Festival" with Learning Buddies

Welcome to the Leaf Festival where our kinders led exploration about leaves facilitated by their Learning Buddies.        We had a fantastic afternoon filled with fun, adventure and learning. We rotated through several stations about leaves that focused on art, reading, writing, physical activity, and inquiry.       This kinder’s Learning Buddy… Read More Fun Friday: "Leaf Festival" with Learning Buddies