Fun Friday: "Leaf Festival" with Learning Buddies

Welcome to the Leaf Festival where our kinders led exploration about leaves facilitated by their Learning Buddies. 
We had a fantastic afternoon filled with fun, adventure and learning. We rotated through several stations about leaves that focused on art, reading, writing, physical activity, and inquiry.

This kinder’s Learning Buddy held the leaf still on this windy day so they could paint the negative space of a leaf.
This kinder’s Learning Buddy used words of encouragement and motivation inspiring confidence in their kinder to explore leaf shadows.
This kinder’s Learning Buddy extended the learning in this activity to include name writing practice. 
This kinder’s Learning Buddy read the experiment and asked questions to help their kinder make new discoveries about leaves changing colour in the fall.
This kinder’s Learning Buddy lent a hand by tracing a hand. 
This kinder’s Learning Buddy got messy and brought extra fun into a shaving cream tie-dye leaf activity.
This kinder’s Learning Buddy asked questions to help them wonder. How many coins can rest on a leaf before it sinks? Can we put the coins on the leaf in a different way and get more coins on it?
These Learning Buddies and kinders played games with leaves on the parachute.  Some Learning Buddies even took initiative by trying new games with the kinders.
This kinder’s Learning Buddy helped by cutting nature for their Leaf Face when their kinder felt sad.
The kinders had been longing for their Learning Buddies to come again. They had missed them. 
“Thoughts are roots; Words are leaves; Actions are fruits! Every success tree has all working normally!” 
― Israelmore AyivorThe Great Hand Book of Quotes



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