Water Wall: Designing and Documenting

The weather is warming up and the littles are so very excited to get out our portable water wall. The water wall provides amazing opportunity for open-ended exploration and problem-solving using real-life materials. Since Problem-Solving and Innovation play a significant role in Ontario’s new Kindergarten Curriculum as one of the four frames, experiences like a exploring a waterfall provide a… Read More Water Wall: Designing and Documenting

Cardboard Creations with Sensory Tables

Teacher Tom from http://teachertomsblog.blogspot.ca has been an inspiration to me for many reasons, but I have been taken lately with the creations he and his early learners have created with cardboard at sensory play opportunities. We sought out some community members that could get their hands on cardboard and they generously provided us with large sheets.… Read More Cardboard Creations with Sensory Tables

Cheap & Portable Sensory Bins

  Feel, see, hear, and smell: Engage early learners with their senses. Sensory play provides many opportunities to develop skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, mathematical skills, co-ordination of small and large muscle movement, fine and gross motor, creativity and much more. So you want to have open-ended sensory-based learning but don’t have a big beautiful expensive… Read More Cheap & Portable Sensory Bins