Open-Ended Questions for Centres

In striving for our early learners to thinking critically, question their way forward, and explore their oral languages skills our early years team is always searching for questions to ask our early learners. The file below is a working document that continually evolves as our understanding of how our early learners develop also evolves. It is a list of our centres/stations that we currently have in our classroom we call Kinderland. It shares with adults what the learning at each centre might entail and a list of open-ended questions to spur our early learners thinking forward. These questions are posted so that any adult that comes into our room can support our early learners rich thinking whether it be our principal, parent volunteer, EA or visitors. We hope you might get something out of it and please feel free to share your two cents. We love increasing our list of open-ended questions. However, we do slow it down and remember some learners thrive when asked the same questions. As they come to understand these open-ended questions more fully or in different ways with repetition, they end up expressing themselves in different ways too. We document their thinking and understanding as it unfolds and together with our learners we strive to make meaning of it.

Open the file in google drive here:



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