Bird’s Nests Provocation

Our early learners showed interest in bird’s nests. The children had been building birds nests in the sand outside and we thought we’d bring that interest indoors for them to explore further. So, the DECE (Designated Early Childhood Educator) in our team collected materials from our room to create this lovely provocation.  The children loved it.



The children used rocks, sticks, real moss, pine cones, gems, artificial bushes, artificial birds and grass matts (from the dollar store). They manipulated the loose parts in many configurations and discussed what types of birds might have built their nests. They looked at books about birds and create sketches to represent their creations.



I: “I wonder if the bird’s nest changes because their family grows?” We thought about how many babies different birds have and how big they are.



T: “I wonder if the bird’s like to find the right tree to build their nests in?” We discussed what different kinds of trees we’ve seen and if a certain type of bird prefers those trees.



C: “I wonder if bird’s nests are safer?” This opened the door to discuss predators and how birds create nests to protect their young.



Some early learners made mandalas and enjoyed pulling math into their play.




“A bird is safe in its nest – but that is not what its wings are made for.”
― Amit RayWorld Peace: The Voice of a Mountain Bird


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