Kindergarten Entry Questionnaire

Kindergarten Entry Questionnaire -Click here to view questionnaire

Click the above link to view our questionnaire we use with our families. We have gathered ideas from other similar questionnaires and our own personal experience. It is intended to help create a smoother transition and start the year off with open communication. It’s used for the purpose of gathering information so we can best support our youngest learners. We have it password protected on google forms, but you can view it here without the password.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.46.45 PM


4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Entry Questionnaire

  1. I really like how you are using google forms in your teaching practice. Do most parents complete it? I have used a paper format in the past and find that l need to chase to get some of them back.
    I tried clicking on the link but it only took me to the front page of the questionnaire. Is there a way to get past that without a password? I would love to see how it is set up. Or do you mind sharing it?



    1. I’ve made the password part optional so now you can view it. We’ve found that many do complete the form and some don’t. We print it off for families that haven’t got to it online. We love how when it’s online you forms organizes the data. Thanks for inquiring! Best wishes!


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