Making Our Philosophy of Learning Visible

We believe that building a culture of transparency connects us to our community in a powerful way that demonstrates our commitment to our earliest learners.

In our ongoing effort to be transparent our early years team has created a philosophy display for families, visitors, and fellow educators to review. Through newsletters, Seesaw (documentation app), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog, and classroom documentation we are continually striving to make our thinking and learning visible.

We believe that displaying our philosophy is another step in showing how our work is responsive and reflective to our community of learners. It is our hope that all are able to see how we value the community as partners in learning; children, parents, families, and educators alike.

The inspiration to display our philosophy came from this beautiful photo below that we found on Pinterest.  If you come across who we can give credit to please let us know. Thank you.

Below is a copy of our philosophy that we created as a team. Scroll through the following embedded document to review. We included the image of a child, the emergent learning process, the role of the educators, the role of families, the role of the educators, the hundred languages of a child, and documentation.


This is our display board outside of our classroom. We had seen someone post their philosophy on pinterest and were inspired to create our own. Hopefully this post inspires others to form their thinking around their beliefs, ideals, and goals in learning.


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