Hallowe’en Provocations

The following are some provocations/invitations for learning that we had out around Hallowe’en. With beautiful pens, pencil crayons, highlighters, and crayons, kinders had opportunities to write about Hallowe’en. Vocabulary prompts were visible for kinders as a reference and fun and spooky writing paper was photocopied freely.   Our Hallowe’en Sensory Tubs had black beans and… Read More Hallowe’en Provocations

Fun Friday: Bat Bonanza with Learning Buddies

This past Friday in honour of Hallowe’en, but more importantly student interest, we held a Bat Bonanza with our Learning Buddies. We have one kinder who is especial interested in Batman. ‘Interested’ is not a strong enough word. This kinder’s enthusiasm for Batman has stirred engagement and learning for many young kinders in Kinderland. Inspired… Read More Fun Friday: Bat Bonanza with Learning Buddies