Water Wall: Designing and Documenting

The weather is warming up and the littles are so very excited to get out our portable water wall. The water wall provides amazing opportunity for open-ended exploration and problem-solving using real-life materials. Since Problem-Solving and Innovation play a significant role in Ontario’s new Kindergarten Curriculum as one of the four frames, experiences like a exploring a waterfall provide a… Read More Water Wall: Designing and Documenting

Do You Teach Upper Case Letter Names First? We Don’t. Here’s Why.

This blog post is about our early years team’s inquiry into early reading. We’ve been on a reflective journey and rethinking our practice over the last 4 years. Do children achieve greater success in reading in kindergarten if they are instructed uppercase or lowercase letter names or sounds first? From what I’ve heard many primary/junior teachers, like… Read More Do You Teach Upper Case Letter Names First? We Don’t. Here’s Why.

10 Christmas and Holiday Explorations

Christmas and winter holidays awe children with their colours, lights, textures, smells, and sounds. We’ve decided to tap into this natural interest to encourage learning in math, science, engineering, fine-motor, sensory, literacy and art. Sensory Holiday Exploration We love how educators  can intentionally add different materials to sensory exploration for different purposes. If we add… Read More 10 Christmas and Holiday Explorations

Inviting Children to Create their own Math Games

Children learn best from experiences and when given the opportunity to create their own math games children can become meaning-makers and construct their own knowledge and understanding. They become a partner in learning where their ideas are valued and tested. We value setting out math provocations that have an intentional focus: A place where children can… Read More Inviting Children to Create their own Math Games