Planting a Button Rainbow

“As the sun covers flowers so does art colour life.” -John Lubbock
51b6w6y3kl-_sy444_bo1204203200_Lois Ehlers’s beautiful book, “Planting a Rainbow” found on amazon has inspired us to explore vivid colours with loose parts. The children said the flowers in the story reminded them of buttons. So, we brought out a collection of buttons for them to represent their thinking. Instead of transient art (which we do often) the children asked for glue to make their creations more permanent.

img_9502“I put circles on top of circles. This button is squiggly and reminds me of the petals.”img_9504“I put lots of little buttons around this big one. ”
img_9519“My flower is blue like the flowers in my mom’s garden. They are little with lots of petals.”img_9521“My garden has lots of flowers. They are different colours. Some are big flowers that grow way way up to the sky.”

Let us know if you plant a button flower garden. Thanks for stopping by!




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