Easter Math Play

This playful open-ended provocation has various natural loose parts and colourful Easter items that begs to be played with. These intentional materials were chosen to encourage math play, specifically numeracy and measurement. We like putting dots on some of our loose parts as well as numerals as it encourages subtilizing, but what’s more, even if a child has yet to master identifying some numerals they can still participate in rich math play. Most of these materials were purchased from the Dollar Store.


2 thoughts on “Easter Math Play

    1. Thanks for asking Liz. We do many open-ended provocations like this. Sometimes we model playful math ideas (i.e. Since we we’ve been counting backwards we might suggest organizing eggs, rocks, wood cookies to count backwards. We also might suggest subtilizing the dots on the rocks or +1 strategies). This time, like many others, we waited to see what incredible ideas the children come up with on their own. Some children were adding pompoms in eggs and orally telling number sentences. Some children were hoping bunnies on the rocks and tree cookies counting the numbers. Others were telling silly and creative stories rich with numbers and other math learning. At times we would ask questions to spur their thinking forward (i.e. I wonder how many eggs it would take to balance out 1 bunny? If one of your bunnies ate one of their carrots, how many carrots would you have left? I wonder how many easter eggs their are? Can you order the eggs from least to greatest?).


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