Loose Parts Art Inspired by Illustrators

IMG_7509We love having one table designated for loose parts play. It’s an opportunity for our learners to create, collaborate, and design. The children were really enjoying reading Eric Carle books and using them as inspiration to create with loose parts. The gems were sorted by colour so the children would be intentional about their selection. The process allowed for this learner to recreate favourite moments of the story and use descriptive vocabulary to retell these moments. This was documented by another child using an iPad.

This table is a trapezoid shaped table and it’s paired up with another one. We wanted to divide the two tables into separate work stations and so we put cardboard in-between. This cardboard served as a wall where we displayed visual inspiration (i.e. student art, writing and illustrator pics).


  • gems
  • beans
  • wood cookies
  • mirrors
  • black fabric
  • tiles from Michael’s
  • artificial flowers
  • toothpicks

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