Collaborative Art Panel

Inviting children to come together and work on a collective project always proves to provide opportunities to share ideas and problem-solve. This collaborative art panel was no different.

We started by using painter’s tape to section off spaces for our early learners. We didn’t ask them to only work in one space, but these lines provided a border where children could either maintain their design within or expand beyond. We saw them do both.



Taking off the painter’s tape presented a nice clean piece of art. We chose to display it by hanging on a stick with twine. We chose butcher paper and wood for a natural look. Next time I think we’ll try white paper and different line designs. I wonder what they will come up with next.


2 thoughts on “Collaborative Art Panel

  1. I love collaborative art. In fact, I love all things collaborative! When children, parents, teachers and staff work together, the outcome (and process) is so much richer and fulfilling!


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