Outdoor Doctor’s Office

It’s always a joy to be apart of creative play indoors and outdoors. We love to encourage children in their play. We love to listen to their ideas, validate them, and spur their thinking forward. This play was all about the doctor’s office… outdoors.

The children wanted to create a doctor’s office and they didn’t want to wait until we got inside. They had great ideas and wanted to set them into motion immediately. In fact, it never even entered their minds to wait until we got inside and used “doctor’s play tools”. They used found objects in their play.



This learning was captured through video, pic collage, and photos. We were particularly interested in what they already new about the doctor’s office so we could use their interest to inspire reading, writing, and sketching. We were also interested in this particular group and how they decided to make their play fair for everyone, how they communicated their ideas and listened to each other.



IMG_7341The children decided to use our teepee as a doctor’s office and a table as the bed. I particularly loved how the pharmacists were preparing medicine, the snow block was the defibrillator, and that a tree branch was a stethoscope.


All the world’s a stage and nature provides our props.





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