Space Station Dramatic Play



Welcome to Kinderland’s Space Station! We really enjoyed the many opportunities for play and learning in our Space Station. This dramatic play centre was co-constructed by both educators and early learners. We know when our early leaders take a leadership role and their ideas are valued the buy in for learning increases substantially. This is another example of how to embed literacy and math opportunities into play.



Old and broken keyboards, cash registers, and laptops are always a hit in dramatic play. We used a lot of tinfoil for this project, but reused it with magnetic provocations after.



Our space shuttle was assembled by poking holes in the cardboard and fastening with pipe cleaners. Thanks to my amazing DECE for the genius idea of fastening it together. It was much more successful than tape or hot glue. We attached electronic circuit boards, egg cartons for buttons, telescope paper towel rolls, and cut holes for windows.



We used our laminated name cards to put in Space Station name tags. I like to keep all lanyards I get from professional development days. I wish I remembered where these printables were from so I could give credit. Below I have some of my own printables to share.



We added juice lids with space vocabulary, letter tiles, and magnetic numbers to provoke literacy and numeracy connections.



We always encourage our learners to share and display their thinking as this inspires others and provides opportunities to expand our thinking. One learner built a rocket ship with blocks and recorded his learning. This inspired others to do the same. Some then decided to use 2D geometric shapes to trace.



Loose parts are always an important part in our dramatic play. We added cotton balls, paper towel rolls, more metal lids, magnets, egg carton 10 frames.

We set out a tile mat with numbers on it. Some learners used our loose parts on it while others used it as mission control buttons. With open ended materials the opportunities for creativity and innovation are endless.

Some of our learners wanted a checklist so together we created different components for our space shuttle’s launch checklist. This printable and the printable below are SMARTnotebook files that you can access at



A writing provocation we set out to inspire writing about what they might see out our telescope while they’re traveling through space. We also journeyed down to the library together to get books about shuttles and space to provoke our thinking.


Lots of play and learning was enjoyed in this space.



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