Christmas Math Centre Ideas



Lots of math play happens here. There are opportunities for patterning, numeracy, greater/less than games, cardinality, counting forwards, composing and decomposing,



This space is in our cubby area. We had left over benches and hooks. We hung lights across the hooks and added blocks and a dry erase board on the bench to make a dry erase table. This dry erase board was cut to size by Home Depot. We like to make very good use of our space as the environment is the third teacher. We believe in providing quiet areas where students can come think and play.



This is a great play mat from Stimulating Learning with Rachel. Thank you!





The mirrors behind the dry erase table is amazing for reflection and creating an inviting space for our learners. Our Christmas lights dance on it. Our learners love to look at themselves and their work from another perspective. They also use it to do doubles. 2 pompoms in front of the mirror reflect 2 more in the mirror. How many in all? We write questions on the mirrors to provoke thinking.


Another great dollar store find is this 10 frame gingerbread ice cube tray. We used pompoms in here this time, but you can use anything (ie. gems, buttons, unifix, etc.).



I don’t know why, but our LED christmas light bulbs always fall off our trees outdoors. Kinderland was thrilled to use these for many math opportunities. They love making patterns with them, but also counting and adding. It’s another wonderful free manipulative for open-ended play.





Early learners are able to display their thinking immediately on the dry erase table and can remain for the next player. It helps expand our thinking and challenge others.


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