Lemons in Water Play


One Designated Early Childhood Educator I know and respect has a moto that is refreshing and adventurous. She often says, “let’s try it and see what happens”. So, we’ve often tried things just to ‘see what happens’.

Someone from my PLN (professional learning network) posted a question, “have you tried adding fresh lemons to your early years program’s water table?” So, we tried it and the DECE I currently work with thoughtfully added blue colouring to make the water table even more inviting. What a fascinating provocation to watch unfold at the beginning of a school year. Many children were so engaged in play that they were quietly thinking and working with their hands. They were mixing, pouring, measuring, squeezing, straining, etc. I sat quietly and documented what I noticed. One learner continuously dumped two lemons in one cup over and over again. Another learner was touching everything and seemed unaware of how their actions affected those around. There was a small amount of math vocabulary that was used (i.e. more, less, small, big). One child was explaining their thinking aloud. They stated how they had a lemonade stand and was selling each cup for $100. Well then we had some children lining up with paper scraps for money and pretend tasting her concoction. She was delighted to have a small number of customers. Some new learners came to this invitation for learning at a later time. A couple of these returning learners came and added more math vocabulary than their previous play. I love being inspired by other educators!

Another perk was the room smelled amazing!


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