Painting with Dandelions

“Look, I found a flower!” It’s common place for children to pick dandelions in play, make bouquets, decorate their hair and share them to a loved-one. Before an adult has the chance to tell them it is a weed, the child innocently holds onto it’s beauty. Children often find beauty beyond what adults have been trained to believe.


Like many days, a small group of children and myself went nature hunting. We collected nature items to bring back to the class to make nature prints with. This group was taken by the vivid colour and soft feel of the dandelion.




Some children created landscapes, rainbows, paper strips with patterns, while others counted and made groups. They brought the math into their play with rich discussion about greater/less than, “tricky” patterns and area. Our day was a little brighter thanks to the beauty of a dandelion.


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