Water Wall with Recycled Materials


Do you have bottles that get recycled weekly? I know we sure do. Instead of heading to the dollar store like I do far too often (just like most early years educators), we headed to our recycling box. We took the lids off the tops and cut the bottoms off the water bottles and had instant FUNNELS. Home Hardware is where we purchased the clear tubing. We opted for clear tubes so we could see the water pass. Zipties fastened the tubing and bottles to the fence.


Children then began making predictions of which tube would release the water the fastest. They counted down so they would start at the same time pouring their cups of water into the funnels. They tried different sizes up cups for their tests. Some children decided we needed to move the tubing and funnels to see if the force of the water would be strong enough to make the water go up. So we moved the tubes around so the water would have to go up before it came down again. Gravity was a word that was tossed about as well as speed. They made a challenge to see if they could “beat” gravity with the amount of water they put in at one time. They decided they needed lots of water to beat gravity in this test and with cheers of excitement they exclaimed, “we won! we won!”.


Some stayed for a long time while others just passed by for a quick dump.


IMG_7991Another day the children added their noodle boat creations to the water tub. Then they began to rip up the small noodles so they could send them down the water wall. Even more predictions and wonderings began.


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