Santa’s Candy Shop: Dramatic Play

Lots of ideas flooded chart paper with what our Dramatic Play area would be in December. Kinders gave their thoughts on why their idea should be voted for and after the vote we were left with Santa’s Candy Shop. It was up to our EY team to figure out how we would bring the literacy and math into the play. Our kinders also had many thoughtful ideas that we honoured. They helped decide what we needed for our Santa’s Candy Shop and what we would do there.
The sign is a collaborative effort. We have a cash register with student created money and poker chips. A keyboard with the cord cut off and files for receipts, plans, recipes, etc. Clipboards, writing utensils, notepads, sticky notes for writing opportunities. One clipboard had a cookie plan where students drew and wrote about their plans before creating.
Vocabulary words to inspire reading, writing, and oral language.
Student created work displayed on the board to inspire others or expand on each other’s thinking.
Candy: Tins, tissue paper, twist ties, loose parts to wrap, and tags to write prices and labels.
Gingerbread loose parts cookies, fabric, loose parts, cookie sheets, cooking utensils, etc.


Loose Parts!!!! 10 jars of loose parts such as plastic snowflakes, pompoms, cotton balls, Christmas foam shapes, gems, diamonds, buttons, acorns, baby wood cookies, flowers, stones, yarn, etc. We also had gingerbread play dough, muffin tins, cookie sheets, spatulas, etc.

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