Frozen Small World Play

The interest in the movie Frozen continues in Kinderland. Like many classrooms, our kinders too wanted a small world play of Frozen. Many stories were created in this space. Many retells were had. Many creations were designed and constructed here by a mighty team. First we asked them what they wanted to do in the space. Next we asked what materials were needed in order to create their environment. As time went on different materials were added and removed by kinders and educators as play and learning evolved.
They decided that they needed a collaborative art piece of Elsa’s castle. Students first chose to paint  triangles using various shades of blue, but later they decided they wanted swirls instead.
We cut the mural into a castle shape, added snowflakes around, and covered it with this great snowflake shimmering fabric from the local fabric store.
The kinders wanted puppets. So, we found these printable Frozen characters online and laminated and glued popsicle sticks to them.
We also made story stone Frozen characters with rocks, Frozen printables, and modge podge.
This tile is from a garage sale in the summer, and this castle was a find in storage. The Frozen storybook fabric was also from the local fabric store.
Our shelf has various loose parts. We have tile mats, separated stone tiles, wood blocks, different coloured fabrics, gems, numeracy mushrooms, stones with letters, etc. We also put some books on castles on there to see if it would provoke any interest.

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