Kinderland Remembers: Remembrance Day Activities

In Kinderland, we remember. We remember the many people who helped in the past and currently help Canada be safe and free. Kinders have been free to explore their thoughts and feelings about the love and sacrifice that went before them in a developmentally appropriate manner. Kinders have been able to self-select a variety of activities based around Remembrance Day in art and literacy.
A collage of Remembrance Day activities
A Poppy flag similar to our Canadian flag hot glued to a stick.


A handprint dove that we found on pinterest (so long ago I wish I remembered so I could give credit).
A coffee filter poppy wreath
We cut the coffee filters into poppy shapes and coloured them with marker then sprayed them with water.
We made poppies with tissue paper and pipe cleaner stems as well as these tissue paper poppies on paper.
Some intermediate students said these finger print doves look like the Twitter bird.
Painting poppies
Pop bottle bottom print poppies and negative space tape crosses. Take the tape off when painting is dry.
Literacy at Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day writing about things we love and appreciate.
Little Poppy Poem (to the tune of “
Little poppy
Given to me.
Little poppy
Remember me.
Little poppy
As red as can be.
Help keep Canada
Safe and free.
Song for Remembrance Day Assembly

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