Authentic Learning at Farm Grows Inquiry

This week both JK/SK classes from Pine Glen P.S. went to a wonderful farm run by Community Living called Morrison Meadows in Bracebridge, ON. They have lots of exciting fall outdoor activities for children to engage in. The rain held off and we had a great day together outdoors. We had 8 parent volunteers from our class alone. Our parents were generous with their time and provided support and care for all children. Thank you parents! It couldn’t be done without you! Read more to find out about our inquiry that has spurred from our authentic learning experience at this farm.
The children counted the chickens, learned what chickens eat and where they sleep. 
The children counted eggs and wondered how many eggs chickens lay every day. 
Morrison Meadows has an outdoor track where children rode bikes. There is a giant sandpit in the middle of the track with many digging tools and toys for children to explore.
Lots of coordination require for these cool bikes! 
Children hiked around a large outdoor maze.
Children collected stamps at stations hidden all around the outdoor maze.
Tractor rides!
Hay Playground! 
Our kinders were very excited to leave the farm with a pumpkin. Questions arose on the bus trip back to school about how to grow a pumpkin. We’re very excited that this authentic learning opportunity has enabled an inquiry to naturally unfold.
Thanks for a great day in the great outdoors Morrison Meadows!
“Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the centre of an education.” ― Alice Waters

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