Fall Colours Art Provocations

Our kinders have been creating and exploring the relationship between art and nature. Our colour palette is inspired by the fall season, but not restricted in any way. Kinders have used techniques taught and then given freedom to explore techniques and colour by their own choosing. 
This first collection is used by making apple prints on trees. The idea was shared with my on social media by a parent. Thanks Lisa!  We love when parents get involved! 

We placed a variety of materials out several times inviting kinders to explore line in leaves. They have used techniques such as leaf rubbing, tracing, and copying. Some examples of materials we’ve used are shaving cream with food colouring, paints, pastels, and coloured salt.
Paint with Qtips – Fall Trees
Paint with Qtips – Fall Trees at Night
Painting and Printing Leaves
 Leaf Outline Painting – Exploring Negative Space

Handprint Tree with Fall Leaves
Leaf Shadow Tracing with overhead projector.

Leaf Man narratives based on the book, “Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert. Kinders created stories to go along with their nature photo.
Art takes nature as its model. – Aristotle



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